Finally, a new column!

The good news, by popular demand I'm going to write about NEW YORK, NEW YORK. (It's great!) The bad news, this will probably be one of the last local views of Las Vegas, since I am now writing this in the real New York City. The reason I haven't been keeping up with my columns is that I have been in the process of changing jobs and moving to NY.

First, let's talk about the hotel/casino version. Wow, the roller coaster is quiet! They must have rubber wheels. (The better to hear your screams my dear). My overall impression moved my thoughts toward what Las Vegas has become. It many ways it IS an adult Disneyland. Think about it. What happens to children (even big ones like me) at Disneyland. You enter a place that is pleasant, fun, and a fantasy. What you find there doesn't exist in the real world. This was my impression of NY, NY. It's a New York that doesn't exist, maybe never existed, yet it feels like all the good things you might hope to find in New York. It's New York of the 20's - 30's, "Art-Deco" abounds, and it's clean, harmless (unless you're a compulsive gambler) and enjoyable just to walk around - inside and out.

I had lunch at the Italian restaurant (Funiao). Sitting at an "outside" table, under a tree with a stream alongside, it was easy to believe I was outside, despite the rows of slot machines on the other side of the "river". Food and service were excellent. They also serve real bread. Not the supermarket "wonder" kind. They have the kind that you usually find only in France or Italy, solid, lot's of taste, and easily capable of tempting you to eat too much. They bake it in the restaurant.

There are also Nathan's hotdogs, and winding little New York streets with all kinds of food including a "deli" of course. If you walk these streets take your time. Look around (and up). The windows have shades, flower pots, and an attention to detail that I had previously remarked about regarding the outside. Street Lamps, store fronts, the New York Slot Exchange, Coney Island, all the good times of New York. It's a nice fantasy.

Many thanks to all of you (RhondaJ - Margaret LB - Karen R - Robin "hope the wedding went OK" - Ted P and many others) that have written telling how much you missed the updates, and my apologies to each of you (Mark, Chicago - Max S - John P - Jeff - John A - etc.) that have asked for replies, there just hasn't been time. I will be going to Las Vegas about once a month, and if time permits I will explore what's new and post an update. Many have asked for the "Job Quest" address so I will publish here as soon as the rest of my stuff arrives from Las Vegas.

The feedback I have received from so many of you has been overwhelmingly positive. Only one negative letter about Las Vegas in the hundreds I have received. What is clear from many of the questions is that I could probably write a few dozen more columns, just from what I already know and you are curious to find out. Questions about hotel ownership and management, restaurants, other local areas, such as what's it like for students in the area of UNLV, etc. etc. So I guess I will have to do at least a few more columns over the next months. Thank you again for your kind words and interesting questions. Jim

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