Odds and Ends - October 9, 1996
In case you haven't heard it on the news yet: Forbes magazine has reported that Las Vegas is the number one city in the country for creating jobs. Tiger Woods won the Las Vegas invitational. The Stratosphere is offering the best odds on games and slots that I have ever heard of. The Statue of Liberty is finished, but NY-NY is not. Liberty's hand with the torch was the finishing touch for Liberty. However the hotel announced that they will not rush the opening, that they want everything to be perfect so as not to cause a poor first impression. The opening is now scheduled for mid-January.
I took both photos about 3 weeks ago. Below is the real thing.

I hope that answers Rhonda J. ... "Speaking of New York New York, we will be in Vegas 12-6 through the 11th. Do you know when the scheduled opening is?"  Rick F. commenting on the "under the strip" column, said "I just wonder how in the world with this congested intersection, that construction of these tunnels will not just cause the most jammed up mess that can be imagined!" Gee Rick, just because it's already our worst intersection, do you think closing a lane, and at some point TWO lanes, for about 16 months, could make things worse? Hummm, I guess that's what you call progress!
Ron D wrote suggesting a good place for buffet information. At present Polo does not include any external links on our pages but I have included his recommendation. I noticed that one of the popular "reader's questions" were on Buffets and etc. You may want to add the following links for these folks: "http:www.ufomind.com/place/usa/uv/las_vegas/buffets" Its an independent "survey" of several of the Las Vegas casino buffets by a local resident. I haven't checked it out myself, thanks to Sean L for the comments.

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