November 3, 1996 The growth and excitement of Las Vegas is still amazing me after 20 years. In the past I've visited Indian casinos, Monte Carlo, Nice (France) and others in the US, Europe, the Carribean, and South America. In the last month I've been back to Atlantic City, NJ and Reno, NV. Nothing I've seen compares with Las Vegas. Every time someone says "Yeah, but....", and proceeds to explain why Las Vegas has peaked, it seems Las Vegas moves up to another level.

Right now, Las Vegas appears to have a forest of construction cranes. New York - New York is looking great, and is now scheduled to open Jan 3, 1997. The two new "square" pyramids of LUXOR are scheduled to open in December. The new tower at the RIO is dwarfing the "old" hotel. The old is in quotes because the latest addition there is only about one year old! Then there is venerable old Caesar's Palace, recently purchased by ITT. The cranes are at work in the back, apparently already underway in the beginning of an annnounced $900 million addition! The whole Monte Carlo only cost $350 million. It's hard to imagine what a $900 million expansion would be like.

Bellagio is growing with a lot of work going on behind the ever rising tower. Don't forget to check the Polo Webcam, depending on when you grab the picture you can see all of the construction I've mentioned. Locally the New Orleans is getting ready to open, the Sunset Station is shaping up, shceduled for a summer '97 opening.


Bellagio 8-15-96


Revolving Restaurant The food was great, and this is part of the view. Photo courtesy of Weldon & Lisa. Weldon is my cousin, and I'm glad I invited them to the Stratosphere. I enjoyed the night as much as they did.

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