The Sunset Station being built in the Green Valley area

Neighbohood Casinos - The Local's "Palace" isn't always Caesar's

August 2, 1996

Some of the most successful casinos in Las Vegas are virtually unknown by the average tourist. Frequented mostly by locals we have: the various "Station" Casinos including the Palace - "Palace Station" and Barley's in Green Valley, Sam's Town, the Showboat, Arizona Charley's, the Gold Coast, Fiesta, and quite a few more.

Why not the luxury strip casinos? Well if I knew all the answers to that one I'd probably be working for one of them. But I can give you a few ideas. Local casinos are convenient, away from the strip traffic. Many offer other entertainment such as great movie theaters, bowling alleys, beach volleyball (with special imported sand that doesn't get hot in the sun!), better odds on the slots, inexpensive (and good) buffets and restaurants, and Micro-breweries. Add to that, special promotions, such as all season football contests, giveaways such as the "Car a Day in May", plus slot clubs, tournaments, and playgrounds with attendants to take care of the kids.

Well that's another local view of Las Vegas, but does it mean anything?. I'm sure there are those that are concerned about all the gambling and certainly there are those that have problems and lose more than they should. But I saw people do that in NJ many years ago before it was legal. If you are responsible these casinos can provide great entertainment at reasonable prices. If you're not responsible, you're gonna have a problem with or without casinos. Keep the idea of "Las Vegas - Entertainment Capital of the World", Keep your expenditures in line with your ENTERTAINMENT budget and have a good time.

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