July 6, 1996

New York - New York

I like the way it looks. It's unique. Yes we have waterfalls & volcanoes (a Mirage?), a Circus(-Circus) along with an MGM Lion, Several Western themes, battling sailing ships (Treasure Island), and more. But New York City in the desert? Well you have to see it, and for those unfortunate few in the world that won't be here in the next few months, I've included a few pictures From the outside they are doing it all, a facade of brownstones, with the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in the background, and the Statue of Liberty standing on the corner of the Strip and Tropicana. It makes for an interesting sight on the way to work every morning! It's scheduled to open in December, and will probably make the 5 o'oclock traffic ... well ..., even more interesting.

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