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July 21, 1996

In the endless quest to live up to the title "Entertainment Capital of the World" Las Vegas now gives you a generous helping of entertainment to go along with your steaks and burgers. At Speilberg's "Dive" (Fashion Show Mall, across the street from Treasure Island) you can eat underwater. Of course Las Vegas has the de riguer Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood, and plans for a Rain Forest dining experience at the Stratosphere Tower. Speaking of the Stratosphere, they will now have a free shuttle bus that stops only here at the Polo Towers, at regular intervals throughout the day.

Getting back to the theme, one of the newest is right across the street, and is seen right here on the internet many times a day as our camera scans back and forth. It's the Country Star, a country and western themed restaurant, that has investors such as Reba McEntire. I had lunch there Thursday. Entering the front door you pass through what is becoming a norm for Las Vegas, a "Logo Shop". You can get Country Star T-shirts, mugs, or bar-b-que sauce before you even get into the restaurant. There are country music videos playing on NUMEROUS TV's all over the place. Big screens, regular screens, groups of screens, TV screens in the floor and yep, even TV's in the bathrooms! I found the prices to be a little high for an everyday working lunch (about $8 - $12 not including beverage). But not too high considering the location in one of the hottest areas in Las Vegas. (Our local newspaper says the land around our neighbor hood is going for about $5 million an acre). If you're a little bit country or even if you're not (the food is top quality), you might try the Country Star.

The Review-Journal's story reported there are several more themed restaurants on the way. Some possible new places include Super-model Fashion Cafe, and an auto-racing/rock theme. Already in construction, right next door is a Marvel Comics theme in the Showcase pictured above. You can watch it's progress in our camera shots). Soon to begin construction on the other side of Polo will be the Harley-Davidson Cafe. I'm sure there are a few more on the planning boards as well as in the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs caught up in the excitement of living in city where many dreams DO come true.

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