A New Town - Pop. 5,000

July 15, 1996

Have you ever been to a small town, with a population of five or six thousand? A school, several stores, a few thousand homes, supermarket, movie theater, gas stations, maybe even an automobile dealership. I guess you get the idea, but don't forget all the infrastructure: phones, roads, sewer and so much more. So?? ... well the point is, there is more going on than just new hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. The population has been increasing about 5,000 to 7,000 EVERY MONTH for several YEARS!

Somehow Las Vegas keeps up with it all. If you enjoy new restaurants, movies, nightclubs, etc. Las Vegas is for you! Just to keep up with the growth we have to build a small town a month. You can go to new places all the time! It also makes for great shopping, new stores and malls are opening all the time. Las Vegas reminds me of the computer business, every time you think it just can't grow anymore someone announces a new, bigger, better computer (hotel?). And if you don't drive through some areas for a few months, you'll likely get lost when you return. Perhaps our occasional rain incited a few neighborhoods to simply burst out of the desert? It sometimes appears that way.

This is NOT a promotion for the local Chamber of Commerce, to tempt you into moving here. This life style doesn't suit everyone. Besides, we DO have some quiet, stable, neighborhoods as well. No this is just a peek at what goes on if you wander a few miles off the strip. If you'd like to know more about the "local's view" away from the strip (or ... NOT!), click this E-mail link jim-l@ix.netcom.com and let me hear from you.
P.S. The picture is the real Monte Carlo.

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