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Florence, italy is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the world. Take a close look at the David of Michelangelo, the Venere of Botticelli, the Uffizi Gallery, the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens, the Brunelleschi’s Dome.

The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge, shown in the map below) is the home of many of Florence's famous "Goldsmiths". The goldsmiths have grown and now there are many on the streets nearby. The beauty of Italian gold and jewelry is recognized around the world, and Florence is THE place to find unusual and rare pieces. Also be sure to check out the  remarkable quality and style of the leather jackets and coats.  

Florence is in Tuscany, at the center of Italy, about 300 km south from Milan and 280 north of Rome. Florence international Airport is within a few hours of all major European hubs. Thanks to its' central position you can also access Florence via the fast and efficient rail and motorway connections with the rest of the country.

The city centre is relatively small, and most of the attractions are in the center or in nearby areas, so you can visit the main areas of interest by foot. Don’t forget to watch out for speeding cars and moped traffic, and cross all streets with carefully.

For public transportation you can use the ATAF orange buses. They're inexpensive but may be crowded during the rush hours. You can buy bus tickets in many shops along the streets (news papers stands, tabaconists, etc.), but after 7.30 pm it may be difficult to find them. Getting a ticket on the bus is more expensive and drivers usually don’t have change. Taxis (white cabs) are expensive but offer good service and late at night may be the only transport service easily available.